Danuwa Fumo

Danuwa Fumo


We were looking for a Savannah which we could pick-up within a few hours of driving. Since we are living in the Netherlands, it was only possible within the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany.

After writing a few breeders which had a male high generation Savannah, Jenny responded instantly. No question was too much and everything was clear: we should come visit as soon as possible! Within a few day we arrived at Danuwa Savannah's.

Jenny is a friendly person with a lot of love for her cats. No doubt she wouldn't sell her Savannah's to someone she doesn't trust. We saw that immediatly. After a quick chat we could watch Fumo, a F2 Male Savannah. Wow, what an amazing kitten was that and the mother Raja (F1 A) wasn't much less. We could see that Fumo was loved by Jenny and her family.

After an hour or so, we went to the other Savannah's of Danuwa in the outside enclosure. There were other lovely Savannah's. That day was the first day we had seen Savannah cats. We looked at each other and knew that we wanted a Savannah and Fumo was the Savannah we wanted. 

Taken the amount of money into account, it is always a bit of a gamble to choose a cat and cattery which you don't know. Even more since it was in another country. However after the first second we trusted Jenny and she has a lot of knowledge about the race and what they need. So we decided to go for Fumo.

We decided to take Fumo. Since he was still too young to leave his mother, we had to wait a few weeks. During those weeks we received a lot of photos and videos from Jenny to watch Fumo grow up. Beside that, we spend hours chatting with Jenny to know everything about Savannah's and what Fumo liked to do (for e.g. biting feet, which he still loves to do ;) Now we have a lovely Savannah with a few crazy characteristics.

Jenny, thank you for your time, patience and the love for the Savannah's!

Jarno & Michelle