Danuwa Ekon

Danuwa Ekon now called Biffy


Spending so much money on an animal is always risky, especially if they are coming from abroad and you've never actually met the breeder or the animal. We would never hesitate again in buying from Jenny. 

The description of Biffy was spot on. He has been so well socialised early on in life that when he arrived after his long journey it was like he'd lived with us for a month already. Fit, well and very affectionate. Used to all household noises, vacuum and power tools etc. He came halter trained and will happily wear the halter around the house.

We have been asking lots of questions which have been answered promptly. Knowledge and advice is always forthcoming, not only for us but for our vet too if needed. 

We can not recommend Jenny as a breeder and Biffys' breeding highly enough. Two very satisfied customers with a very happy, healthy savannah. 

Jay, Julie & Biffy